Physical Therapy Patients And Your Career

Physical therapists chose this career for different reasons but there is one common factor – making a difference to the lives of the physical therapy patients. Whatever the cause of the patient’s problem, be it from a disease or injury, the physical therapist is the specialist who help in restoring maximum function of the patient.

Movement and function of the body are the fields of specialization of physical therapist. Physical therapists aim to improve the physical therapy patients’ movement, rebuild bodily function and avert disability. Therapists are experts in this area and are equipped with physical therapy techniques to treat the problems of their patients.

As a career, physical therapy can be rewarding in terms of accomplishment and fulfillment as well as job security. The increasing demand for the services of physical therapists is due to the increase of the aging American population. The elderly are more prone to incapacitating conditions that usually require treatment from physical therapists. This projected increase in the number of physical therapy patients will ensure job security for therapists even in the present economy.

The job of a physical therapist can be personally worthwhile.  To have the ability to help physical therapy patients walk and restore their normal function can truly give one a great sense of personal satisfaction. According to a recent National Opinion Research Center survey from an article of the Chicago Tribune, 75% of physical therapists who participated in the poll reported to be “very satisfied” with their chosen profession.

Physical therapists can choose from a wide range of work settings and locations because physical therapy patients can be from any demographics. Physical therapy patients come in all ages, backgrounds, race and social standing.

Another encouraging factor to have a career in physical therapy is the Vision 2020. In 2000, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) set out broad goals to be achieved by 2020. One of the goals is to allow physical therapists to legally treat physical therapy patients without referral from a medical doctor. In 44 states this has already been achieved. Physical therapy patients are treated directly without a physician referring. Even with this development, there is a negative because insurance companies are having qualms paying without physician referral. The APTA are working in making the insurance companies understand that there is no issue in reimbursing claims without physician referrals.

This autonomy of the physical therapists does not preclude that they will stop consulting with other health care professionals. Their first and foremost concern is their physical therapy patients and they will always exhaust all avenues to make sure that the best service is provided.


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